Saturday, January 23, 2010

Suzuki A-Star Concept Previews New Global Mini

Today Suzuki let out the first official image of its A-Star concept that will make its debut at the upcoming New Delhi Auto Show on January 9, 2008. The concept, which to be honest, reminds us a bit of Toyota’s European Aygo minicar, will form the base for a production model that will enter the global market in 2008. According to Suzuki, the production version of the A-Star will be built at its Indian automobile assembly plant and exported from their to various markets including Europe
Via: Motorpasion , Source: Suzuki

Suzuki Press Release (Translated from Japanese)

Suzuki's four-wheeled vehicles in India in the manufacture and sale of a subsidiary company is a multi-Suzuki, January 9, 2008 to be held in New Delhi India's "Ninth DERIOTOEKUSUPO (New Delhi, 9th Auto Expo)" Suzuki the global strategy car fifth bullet to the concept model "concept A-Star" exhibition. Suzuki is the "Concept A-Star" based on the mass production model development and the 2008 autumn after Suzuki's multi MANESARU start of production at the factory, as the beginning of European exports to the world each regional planning .

Suzuki's global strategy car on the first stage of the theme of "sports" to be raised in 2004 from the "Swift", "Escudo", "SX4" three cars on it. Second Stage in the "family" theme of the family who are satisfied with their use of it can compact car aimed at "splash" to the 2008 spring from the European market decided.

"A concept-Star", "Family" theme and Suzuki's global strategy car Second Stage of the second project of the world market for input on the plan prior to the mass-production model of the concept.

"A concept-Star," based on the 2008 fall since India in a production vehicle production in the European emission control EUR 5 to meet the Fastest per liter engine. The European compact car class better CO2 emissions levels to achieve the world's highest standards of environmental performance and a comfortable residence with a product aiming to be.

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