Friday, January 8, 2010

Stunt Driver Terry Grant Sets New Guinness Record for the Tightest “J-Turn”

Renowned stunt driver Terry Grant set a new Guinness World Record for the tightest “J-Turn” at the Live Action Arena of the UK Autosport International Show. A J-turn is defined by Guinness as turning a car through 180 degrees from reversing in a straight line to driving forwards in a straight line. Grant managed to reverse the 100 HP Renault Twingo GT and spin it through barriers that were just 378 cm (149-inches) apart – only 18 cm (7-inches) more than the length of the car. The crucial measurement for Grant was the diagonal size of the Twingo; at 370 cm, the gap between the barriers and the car was a mere 4 cm (1,6-inches)!

The previous World Record for a J-turn was set on 9 April 1999 in Munich Germany when Russ Swift spun a car though a gap 172 cm (67,8-inches) longer than the length of the car.

Terry said “For this record, the car needs great agility, visibility and pinpoint accuracy. The Twingo has it in spades! Best of all, despite up to six shows each day and numerous practice runs, it was bomb-proof! You couldn't drive many cars home after that sort of punishment!”

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