Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saab 9-3 Sedan & Estate: Official?

We’re pretty sure that you too have had about enough with theSaab 9-3 leaks the past few months, so let’s just skip the blah-blah and get straight to the story. These allegedly official teasers CGI’s (computer generated images) were sent this morning to the mailboxes of several “John Doe’s”. Coincidently, some of those “John Doe’s” were members of Saab forums (Saabscene & Trollhattansaab) –need we say more? While one should be cautious about their authenticity, there shouldn’t be a doubt on whether Saab would actually send CGI’s instead of real images; let us remind you that the Swedes did the same with the Aero X Concept last year. We’ll know for sure next week when Saab officially releases the 9-3 facelift press kit.

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