Monday, January 18, 2010

Renault Sherpa 2, the French Humvee

The French equivalent of AM General’s Humvee is the Renault Sherpa, a light 4x4 tactical military truck dedicated to projection and intervention units. But unlike its famous American counterpart the Sherpa never found its way to the civilian market. Renault offers two versions of the military truck, the Sherpa 2 which can seat 4 passengers offering a payload of 2 to 3 tons and the two-seater Sherpa 3 pick-up that features 10' flat bed supporting a total payload of 4.1 tons.

Both versions of the French Humvee are equipped with a Euro4/5 (!) turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine delivering 215 HP at 2,300 rpm. According to Renault, the military truck can achieve a top speed of 120 km/h or 75mph on a flat road surface while its autonomy at a cruising speed of 70 km/h or 45mph is 900km or 560 miles.

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