Monday, January 18, 2010

Renault Megane R26R – Official Teaser Images

One of our readers sent us these high-resolution teaser images of what seems to be the new Renault Megane R26 R that’s expected to debut at next week’s British Motor Show (July 22). From what we can tell by looking at the teaser photos, the limited edition Megane R26 R has been equipped with a roll-cage and a race-style bucket seat for the driver. The car also features stickers depicting the Nurburgring race track, something that may confirm the rumors that the Megane R26 R has performed the fastest lap on the ‘Ring for a front-wheel-drive production model.

The road legal but track focused Megane R26 R is based on the standard Megane RS. According to sources, while Renault has maintained the stock version’s 224 Hp 2.0-liter turbo, the limited edition model has been stripped down to reduce weight. Other weight saving measures are said to include carbon-fiber body parts and polycarbonate windows.

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