Saturday, January 16, 2010

Honda S2000-Powered 1977 Toyota Celica GT Coupe

If you opened the hood of a 1977 Celica GT, you'd normally find a Toyota four-banger, but not on this one. This first-generation Celica packs a modern-day Honda S2000 engine complete with a 6-speed gearbox. The seller of the vehicle claims that the high-revving S2000 engine has been upgraded and now develops around 268-horsepower which should be more than enough output for such a lightweight coupe.

The owner of the car took the build a step further adding a Honda S2000 digital instrument panel, a pair of 2005 Celica GT sports seats and a four-point roll cage, just to mention a few of the mods.

If you're interested, the 1977 Celica GT with the Honda heart is up for sale over at Hemmings for a "negotiable $18,000".

Link: Hemmings - Kudos to Greg for the tip!

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