Thursday, January 21, 2010

French carmaker Renault decided to tease all four electric concept cars that it will be displaying at its Frankfurt show stand by releasing a rather unusual 'bird's eye view' photo of the EVs. Starting from the left, there's a small, futuristic-looking one-seater 'pod' while the car on its right looks like a Twingo or a Twingo-sized proposal. The third concept appears to be a small coupe-like model while the larger four-door sedan model on the right bears a passing resemblance to the newly introduced Fluence. According to Renault, the four-electric concept cars preview the firm's upcoming Zero Emission product range more details of which will be released at the Frankfurt show.

Renault revealed a total of four electric vehicle concept cars in Frankfurt including the two-seater Twizy Z.E. mini, the Zoe Z.E. small coupe, the Kangoo Z.E. and the Fluence Z.E. ompact sedan. All of the prototype models use similar technology to the Nissan Leaf EV that was uncovered this past summer. According to Renault, all four cars preview the firm's electric vehicle range which will be released from 2011. One of the first models to be launched into the market will be the electric version of the recently revealed Fluence sedan.

However, unlike its production sibling with the same designation, the Fluence Z.E. concept actually looks pretty good - yes, far too good to make it into production looking like this...

The concept model is equipped with a 70kW or 95HP electric motor that is powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries that give the saloon 100 miles / 160 kilometers driving range.

Renault says that the battery can be charged using three different methods: a standard charge that takes between four and eight hours, a quick charge which is done in only 20 minutes or alternitavely, through the automated 'Quickdrop' system that removes and replaces the batteries in just three minutes.

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