Saturday, January 23, 2010

DAMD: Mini Shot Suzuki want's to be an Escalade

Winding Road said it best when it referred to the Suzuki Every Wagon as a “shrunken version of the Caddy Escalade”. They drew an even wittier connection with the one hit wonder “I Wish” by shorty pants rapper Skee-Lo. We have to give some props for thinking to bring up this poor little self hating rapper that “wanted to be a little bit taller.”

We also give props to the Suzuki “wanna be” Caddy Escalade even though it looks a bit “twilight zonish”. The DAMD Concept B Type 1 Every DA64W (what gorgeous name!) sports the insertion of a Caddy-style grille, chromed nine-spoke wheels and additional running-board style side garnishes and an abbreviated rear bumper cap. There a serious effort in preserving the “slade-esque” in the design. All in all, thumbs up for the little Suzuki that could. You’ve got a long way to go, but you’re off to a respectable start. Via: WindingRoad

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